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Capricorn Horoscope: January 2016

Caring for others

Your social life will pick up steam this month. In fact from January 3 and until March 5 -- you can expect a significant amount of your energy to focus on group or humanitarian efforts. Mars will move through your 11th House of Friends and Groups during this time, giving you a significant amount of power to truly make a difference on a mass level. Use your power to achieve something good since your altruistic nature will be felt by so many in a potent way.

The one caveat is that Mercury will be retrograde from January 5 through January 25. In addition, from January 8 on it'll be retrograde in your sign. This might prompt you to reconsider how you've been communicating towards others. You may have moments of not being able to express yourself in the way you intend. Or, it's possible that major decisions will feel extra difficult to make. If possible, hold off until the end of the month.

A New Moon on January 9 in your sign does signal a major fresh start. Since Mercury will be retrograde in your sign at the same time, this new beginning will likely connect to how you reframe your thoughts around a personal matter. After January 23, Venus will move into Capricorn and your confidence will be extraordinary.

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