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Leo Horoscope: January 2016

A time for change

January might end up being one of those pivotal turning point months where you implement key changes in your life in order to improve its overall direction. You can thank a Full Moon in your sign on January 23 for that. But first, expect confusion.

Mercury will move retrograde from January 5 through January 25. You might have to comb through and revise at least one assignment. In the end, you'll be glad that you went the extra mile to polish your work since it'll surely help your boss see you with more favorable eyes.

In fact, he or she might end up offering you an assignment that not only pays well, but that you'll absolutely love after January 23. With a New Moon falling in your work sector on January 9, the two weeks following are likely to bring in job offers if you're looking to make a lateral move. One of them might be from a former employer.

Health wise, if you're looking to make a change, you might spend most of the month reviewing your habits and then creating a plan of action to change the ones that are not serving you. That would be a perfect way to use Mercury's retrograde energy in your 6th House of Routine! Remember after January 23, you'll be in a much happier place when it comes to all 6th-house matters. Venus will enter this part of your chart and then, only two days later, Mercury turns direct. Hooray!

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