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Libra Horoscope: January 2016

A spotlight on finances

You'll begin 2016 determined to take charge of your finances and put yourself in a healthier position when it comes to how well your money is working for you. You'll have enormous support to move forward with ambition and determination as you pursue ways to generate income that are stronger and better suited to your talents.

Enjoy this trend from January 3 through March 5. Although your expenses might spike during this stretch as well, it won't be anything you can't handle. In fact, extra work will easily become available to you should you need to take on an extra assignment or second job. Pay attention to what transpires on January 18 -- you'll be in a position to name your rate if you're a freelancer.

Your central focus this month however, will be more about domestic matters. A potential misunderstanding between you and a child or relative is possible from January 5 through 25 as Mercury travels retrograde. Do your best to listen more and talk less.

A New Moon on January 9 suggests an opportunity is on the horizon connected to real estate or with a relative. This will become much brighter for you by the end of the month so if you initially feel frustration at not being able to move forward, remain patient. You'll have a handle on this by next month.

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