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Scorpio Love Horoscope for January 2016

Things are going your way

Get ready to start 2016 with more ambition and "oomph" than you've had in quite some time. Happily, this zest for life will also translate into an enhanced sex appeal and libido, offering you plenty of opportunity to have more fun in bed this month.

In fact, from January 3 until March 5, you can expect to enjoy this lovely trend. Mars, the planet of action, will travel through your sign during this time. Anything you start is likely to succeed and anyone you pursue is likely to find you irresistible. So go ahead and use this special edge to your advantage in matters of the heart. Stake your claim on whoever has caught your eye!

Know what's ahead for the entire year! Written by Love Astrologer Maria DeSimone, the Big Picture Love Forecast will guide you with the most important dates for love in 2016.