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Taurus Horoscope: January 2016

Patience is a virtue

Your focus on relationships both business and personal, will become more intense this month than it has been in nearly two years. Mars will enter your partnership sector on January 3 and remains here until March 5. During this time you'll find all the courage you need to fight for what you want in a relationship.

If your partner needs someone to help out in a personal battle, you'll rally to his or her aid without hesitation. You'll also feel more sexual vibes between the two of you -- a situation you're sure to enjoy!

In business, it's possible that you'll work ferociously with a partner to materialize a significant goal you both share. January 18 could be a brilliant day where the two of you make something magical happen together. Still, this month, you'll need to muster up all of your signature patience.

There may be a slew of frustrating communication setbacks thanks to Mercury turning retrograde between January 5 and January 25. In your case, it'll retrograde mainly through your 9th House of Travel, Publishing and Advertising. If you're in any industry that connects to these areas you might have to take two steps back before you leap forward with any new plans.

There might also be heartwarming domestic news this month. Pay attention to events connected to your family near the Full Moon on January 23. It'll feel good to witness joy this deep spread through to those you love the most.

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