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Aquarius Horoscope: January 2017

Making bank

You can look forward to starting 2017 on a positive financial note, and it'll be an ideal time to seek out extra revenue streams. Since you'll likely feel more confident about sharing your talents, this will be a perfect time to start charging for a service you offered voluntarily in the past. You might have believed that people wouldn't pay you, but this month you will soon realize how very wrong you were. Happily, being wrong will pay off nicely! Another possibility is that you will ask your boss for a raise or increase your rates if you are in business for yourself. Make the most of your creative talents as well during this time -- and see what you can do to monetize them!

While you're busy making bank, it appears that one of your coworkers or someone you employ is secretly stewing in the background. This might be outright jealousy but it may also be a real issue that the two of you are having related to working together. Expect it to come to a head near January 12. Do your best to refrain from saying anything impulsively or reactively -- you might come to regret those words at a later date.

The month ends on a very happy note. With a New Moon in your sign on January 27, you can anticipate a fresh start in some area of your life. Make it count.

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