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Gemini Horoscope: January 2017

Making ends meet

If you've been waiting to hear news about a loan or mortgage application, expect correspondence after January 8 once Mercury starts moving direct again. You might have dealt with missing or incomplete paperwork or even vital financial documents that were lost in the mail. Thankfully, this all begins to get resolved by the middle of the month.

Your career prospects are quite harmonious in January thanks to Venus moving to the top of your chart on January 3. She'll remain there until February 3 and during this time you can expect to feel quite valued and appreciated by higher-ups.

Even so, you may not see this translate into more money -- at least not right away. In fact, financial news might be frustrating near the Full Moon on January 12. A source of income might end, but it's also possible that you'll have a difficult expense to figure out. Fortunately, this doesn't impact your career, and you will be in a position to at least have a conversation with your boss. He or she is likely to be sympathetic to your situation, and if a raise cannot be offered this month, there is likely to be the promise of one down the road. You might decide to go back to school to earn a certification or license after the New Moon on January 27 in order to make yourself extra marketable. This will be a positive step.

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