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Aquarius Horoscope: January 2018

Work it!

As the New Year begins you're likely to feel more gratified than you have in quite some time as it relates to your work and professional life. If you've recently started a new business or have taken a different career direction, you'll see as early as January 1 just how beneficial this decision has been. One of the projects you're working on will likely be complete at this time, and you'll receive a great deal of attention for it. Not only will a VIP notice how on-point your work is, you're also likely to be in a position to ask for (and get) more money.

You might also notice that you have an opportunity to express your more imaginative or compassionate qualities as you push ahead professionally. Your softer side is not something to hide in January; in fact, it's the secret sauce to your success.

In other news, you might kick off the New Year paying close attention to your health and habits. A New Moon in your 12th House of Healing on January 16 might be exactly the impetus you need to carve out time for greater self-care. Steer clear of any communication-related drama at this time -- especially with one of your siblings. You'll only feel unsettled and possibly even rattled. This will be one of those times where saying nothing at all might serve you best.

On January 17 Venus moves into your sign, offering you greater magnetism and even that wow factor if you're trying to attract someone new your way. Relationship fulfillment is a distinct possibility at the Lunar Eclipse on January 31. If, however, you and your partner have realized you're just not as compatible as you initially thought, it might be time to say goodbye. Allow what is meant to be with this partnership evolve naturally. You shouldn't have to force love.

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