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Cancer Horoscope: January 2018

A fresh start

Cancer, this is more than just a new year for you -- it's the beginning of an entire new chapter in your life. A decided "out with the old, in with the new" energy will emerge in your world as early as January 1, thanks to a Full Moon in your sign. While it's true that this Full Moon might prompt you to let go of something, it also appears that as you do this, there will be absolutely no tears attached. You're ready to say sayonara to whatever is holding you back from living your very best life in 2018. Yes, anything. In fact, you're likely to begin the New Year with an unusually strong, sentimentally-driven sense of adventure. You know deep inside that it's time to pursue whatever journey you've always wanted to take, and suddenly you have this incredible urgency within that insists your time is now. It is.

If you're in a relationship it's possible that your partner will have to get used to the new you, but since this isn't up for negotiation, he or she will simply need to get with the program or find another show. Fortunately, it looks like your relationship will receive a nice amount of support when the New Moon on January 16 lands in your 7th House of Partnership. If things have become tense, wait until after this time before initiating a peace protocol.

In other news, this month you will likely experience yet another radical career shift. You're ready to take your professional life in a new and exciting direction. Whether this means going back to school to make you more marketable in your current industry or choosing an entirely different path is up to you. Either way, by now you've expertly adjusted to professional uncertainty, and as 2018 begins you'll ride that wave like a pro. Regardless of what your partner or anyone else thinks, it'll shoot you straight toward success.

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