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Gemini Horoscope: January 2018

Financial fulfillment

2018 might begin on a high note for you as it relates to the money you earn from your profession. A stunning Full Moon will fall in your earned income sector on January 1. This lunation sends positive beams to Mars and Jupiter, now moving through your work sector, as well as to inspirational Neptune, now at the top of your chart in your 10th House of Career. This is amazing, supportive energy that denotes fulfillment rather than loss. Emotionally, you might feel more gratified than ever in your capacity to use your special talents in a way that is appreciated by others, and also invites cash to flow your way. If you are considering working to make money using any of your imaginative or spiritually-related talents, this energy will be even more lucrative for you. Go for it!

The only thing standing in your way during this time might be the feeling that shining your light brighter might trigger some type of insecurity or even power struggle in your relationship. As the year begins it's very possible that your partner is not experiencing the same type of professional or financial gratification as you, and because of this, you might feel tempted to dim your light in an effort to salvage your partner's pride. This would be a mistake. Pushing yourself down is not the answer. Instead, reassure your partner that you're fully supporting him or her through their shift in direction, but you're going to do this by lifting yourself up. In the process, you will lift up your mate.

In fact, a glorious new opportunity might emerge for him or her near the New Moon on January 16. This might not be permanent or completely stable, and yes, it might be uncomfortable, but try to reassure your love that the only way to grow is to embrace change. Moving forward -- even if it's on shaky ground -- is better than being swallowed up by the ground as it collapses.

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