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Libra Horoscope: January 2018

Peaks and valleys

A career highpoint is yours to enjoy as the New Year begins, Libra. On January 1 a dazzling Full Moon at the top of your chart will make professional matters your focus. Happily, it appears that this is all about a reward cycle coming your way thanks to the effort you've been putting into reaching your goals. There is every indication that this month is a time you'll see a financial reward such as a raise or other new benefit coming to you. If you're a business owner, you might be ready to release a new product or service that does exceptionally well right out of the gate. You might also feel quite satisfied with the employees working for you, knowing that you can trust them and that they want the best for your business.

While you're likely to be overjoyed as it relates to your career, it's possible that something at home will simultaneously try to pull you under. Don't allow this to happen! Yes, it might be a situation that requires you to place more weight on your shoulders than you'd like, but the truth is, there is no reason for you to sabotage your personal ambitions because of any domestic obligation. Do what you can to achieve balance this month if you do start to feel like your home life is becoming extra tense.

Fortunately, a New Moon on January 16 might provide you with an opportunity to implement a solution or other change that will help put things back in order at home. Ironically, it might be your partner at this time that is causing some trouble, and rebelling or throwing an infantile tantrum when you try to do this. Apparently, whatever you're trying to integrate will either be out of his or her comfort zone or somehow threaten his or her sense of personal freedom. Don't give into the juvenile displays if they happen. Remind your partner that he or she is just as much of an adult as you, and that if you're in this together, you both have to equally distribute the weight of your mutual world.

Single? A gorgeous cycle for romance opens up after January 17 when Venus enters your 5th House of Romance. Work it!

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