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Sagittarius Horoscope: January 2018

It the money

You'll begin the New Year in an enviable position thanks to a gorgeous Full Moon on January 1 that falls in your 8th House of Shared Resources. You might pay off a chunk of debt or a loan and feel the weight of that burden literally fall away as 2018 begins.

Alternatively, you might wrap up another financial obligation you've had for quite some time. This can be anything from having to pay alimony or another court-ordered settlement to a payment plan you've had with the IRS. Whatever your personal situation might be, the overall feeling you're likely to have now is one of release and relief as it pertains to money owed. You might also simultaneously find that you're now in a position to benefit from an investment you made in the past. Pay close attention to real estate opportunities or money that may come to you from family now -- both are distinct possibilities.

As long as you don't make any reckless moves with your cash this month, there is a stellar opportunity to enhance your earning power near the January 16 New Moon. This will be one of your best times to strategically move forward with developing your business skills or to curate a new product or service you can market. Just don't fall for any get-rich-quick schemes during this time, since something of that nature might tempt you more than usual.

You'll truly be on fire after January 26 when Mars, the planet of "oomph" enters your sign for the first time in nearly two years. Mars will absolutely create a more dynamic ability for you to use your energy as you go after whatever it is you're most passionate about. Grab it: and don't take no for an answer!

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