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Sagittarius Love Horoscope for January 2018

The road less traveled

Expect a jolt in your love life as 2018 kicks off. Don't worry -- it'll be an exciting one. On January 2 Uranus, the planet of sudden surprises, will turn direct in your romance sector after having been retrograde for several months. This will have a most interesting effect on matters of the heart for you. In one sense, you'll be ready to embrace true liberation when it comes to how you open your heart and love someone else. If you've been holding back for any reason, this might be the time when you realize that the only block in your love life is you. As a result, even if the person you're crushing on seems out of your league or not your typical standard, you'll allow yourself to feel the feelings you have and explore them without worrying so much about if going down this road might wreck your heart in the future. The truth is … NOT going down this road is what will wreck it. In January, you'll understand this fully.

If you're already in a committed partnership there might be an unexpected twist in your connection. The two of you might consider having a baby together or, you might even hear about a surprise pregnancy. Wow!

Whether you're single and dating or in a committed partnership, your capacity for deep intimacy will be off the charts this month. A golden Full Moon in your 8th House of Erotic Complexity on January 1 will see to this. You couldn't avoid deeply connecting with someone this month even if you tried, Sagittarius. Get to it!

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