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Scorpio Love Horoscope for January 2018

Intimacy reigns

It'll be more important than usual for you to communicate with your lover this month about topics that carry significant weight in your life and in your relationship. If the two of you have recently been overcoming a relationship obstacle, it's clear that in the new year you're both committed to continuing this until you've reached victory. Until January 17, you'll have an added layer of support to help you talk about whatever might have created obstacles in the first place. If, for example, there has been a recent betrayal or disappointment in some way, you'll be able to convey to your partner that forgiveness is possible, but you are also drawing very clear boundaries to ensure your partner knows that you will not sacrifice your self-respect. Your partner is not only getting your message, he or she is also taking significant responsibility for anything he or she may have done to hurt you in the past. This might be more healing than either of you ever imagined, so if you love each other, keep holding on tight -- the universe is rooting for both of you.

Jupiter in your sign through November 2018 will continue to protect you and serve as a buffering agent in your life and your relationships, softening any blows. If you're single, this will open the door for a powerfully fulfilling intimate relationship with someone special. In fact, a very sexy combination will occur for you on January 6 when Mars and Jupiter align in your sign. This is sexual healing at its finest. Use it well.

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