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Virgo Horoscope: January 2018

Dreams and goals

You have every reason to count your blessings as 2018 begins, Virgo. A stunning Full Moon in your 11th House of Hopes and Wishes on January 1 can herald a magical time for you where one of your most heartfelt dreams becomes reality. Soak up the emotional fulfillment of this lunation because it's rare and beautiful. This Full Moon in Cancer will make inspirational links with Neptune in your partnership sign, as well as with expansive Jupiter in your communication sector. A mystical and fortunate Grand Water Trine is the end result, which can only help you effectively communicate your wishes to a partner or anyone else in the world. You'll not only be heard, you'll be understood.

Mid-month you might be ready to take on an extra layer of responsibility connected to one of your children or in your love life. Be willing to own your role in the current state of this. Recognize that, if you're able to contend with a change beyond your control near January 16, it might ultimately lead to an improvement in your connection with your child or lover. Shakeups are sometimes necessary in order to reach a breakthrough, and it does seem as if that needs to happen now.

After January 17 you'll be in an enviable position at the office. Venus will be traveling through your 6th House of Work, and harmony between you and colleagues will prevail. If you're working on a team assignment, you'll know your contributions are appreciated. Single? This might be a time when you and one of your coworkers realize that there's no longer any point in denying the chemistry you share. Explore the romantic potential!

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