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Aquarius Horoscope: January 2019

Quiet enlightenment

2019 might start off on a muted note for you. If this happens, it's all because that's the way you want it. A Solar Eclipse on January 5 in your 12th House of Contemplation signals your desire to create more of a foundation around your inner world and spiritual identity. The structure of your faith is coming into question but not in any crisis sort of way. It's more like a resolution you have to be true to the beliefs you have and to dedicate yourself more to the pursuit of peace, enlightenment, and personal growth. That's actually a beautiful way to start the New Year.

Although you'll pursue this level of serenity, the interesting complexity is that you may also feel an urge to speak up in a radical way. That's due to the energy of Uranus turning direct in your message sector on January 6, the day after the eclipse. It's as if you are compelled to communicate your most brilliant, eccentric thoughts. While that might lead you into amazing new territory and opportunity, it will also throw a monkey wrench into your quest for peace. After all, if you keep opening your mouth in such a dynamic way, enticing others with your ideas, how can you expect people to leave you alone? Oh, Aquarius … you always seem to find a way to complicate your life! Fortunately, you can direct the energy of your ruling planet as he propels forward in a way that honors your lightning fast mind without compromising your need for stillness. That's your task this month, so find a way.

Your friends might lead you on a vision quest after January 7. A group or organization you belong to might become more of a source of inspiration and gratification than they have in the past. You'll find it easy to make time for these friends, because they lift you up rather than bring you down. That's the only company you'll keep.

A true benefit might come from a friend, or it's possible you'll have a literal dream-come-true experience near January 22 when Venus and Jupiter embrace. Make those wishes count!

Lastly, on January 21, a Lunar Eclipse in your partnership sector has you seeing everything between you and your mate clearly. Where your heart is fulfilled and where there might still be a hole is bound to be magnified. At the same time, you'll be strikingly aware that the moment you put your happiness in another person's hands, you're bound to be disappointed. Choose happiness and the love will follow.

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