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Aries Horoscope: January 2019

Like a BOSS

As 2019 begins, the only thing on your mind is your goals and how to completely rock them! A SOLID Solar Eclipse at the top of your chart on January 5 will likely lead you to a pinnacle career opportunity. You are ready to claim your spot at the top of the mountain. Actually, scratch that. You're about to own the mountain. There is something so magnificent brewing for you professionally, and whatever it is it will put you in a place of total security and long-term success. All you have to do is lean out of your comfort zone just a little bit to make this prospect really pop. Fortunately, it'll be easy for you to do this sine Uranus will turn direct in your sign on the very next day, January 6. The ability you have to courageously charge ahead and take a risk on something new now is directly proportionate to the level of success you'll see in this endeavor. It's as if the universe is telling you that the road to long-term security is paved with unchartered territory. Sure, it might seem like a mixed message, but if you trust that this new beginning puts you on the path that leads to your rainbow and personal pot of gold, then you'll have all the faith you need to get moving.

Speaking of faith, you'll have it in spades this month. On January 7 Venus enters your 9th House of Spirituality, and on January 22 will connect perfectly to expansive Jupiter, already in this part of your chart. You have complete certainty that everything in your life will work out and that everything that happens is leading you towards something even better. In the mundane world, you might receive positive news about a publishing, advertising, broadcasting endeavor, or a legal matter. You may also have an opportunity to teach what you know on a broad level, possibly even internationally.

Matters of the heart will become quite fulfilling for you by the Lunar Eclipse on January 21. Happening in your romance sector, it's possible that you'll know for sure that you are deeply in love with the person who has left the most beautiful imprint on your heart. You might also be ready to launch a creative project that has extraordinary success potential. News about one of your children (if you have any) will also be quite gratifying.

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