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Cancer Love Horoscope for January 2019

Laying the foundation

You've got no time and even less patience when it comes to the frivolous matters of life. And when it comes to your relationship, you're only interested in substance. Fortunately, the universe wants to accommodate your desire to achieve stability and something real in your personal life.

A Solar Eclipse on January 5 will light up your commitment sector, offering you a real opportunity to build something that can last with your love. If you're dating someone, then this eclipse could take your relationship to the next level. We're talking engagement or marriage here. If you're already in a committed relationship, then there is a new layer of duty and responsibility towards each other that is coming to your union. Maybe you're considering taking on a major new endeavor together as business partners, or perhaps you'll start forming the building blocks of a shared goal. Together, you'll crush it!

Communication will also be amazing between the two of you thanks to Mercury moving through the same area of your chart after January 4. Between January 13 and January 18 you'll be in a strong position to make a joint decision or have a conversation together that will impact your relationship for the long haul. Don't worry, because it's positive!

A major plot twist could be coming in your love life! Reveal what's headed your way for FREE »A MAJOR plot twist could be coming in your love life! Reveal what's headed your way »