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Capricorn Horoscope: January 2019

Joy behind closed doors

It looks like you've found the secret to happiness as 2019 begins, and it has everything to do with your inner world, Capricorn. The road to peace is an inside job, and in January you'll be equipped to experience the most remarkable sense of bliss, because you know that you get to choose your joy quotient at all times, even if life becomes riddled with complication.

Fortunately, it doesn't look as if you're going to experience too much stress this month. In fact, there's more opportunity than anything else. A major turning point in your life is indicated near the Solar Eclipse in your sign on January 5. This eclipse is linked closely to Saturn, the planet of stability, which is also in Capricorn. You, more than any other sign, will start 2019 right out of the gate with a coat of fresh paint. Actually, let's correct that analogy. You're not willing to settle for painting over anything that has been worn out. No, you're building brand-new personal construction from the ground up.

This eclipse marks change, but it is the kind of change that leads to the stability and security your heart truly desires. This might be in the form of a relationship, but it can also be about a goal or personal development. Whatever the details, the things you set in motion this month are guaranteed to have long-term ramifications, so make them count.

A Lunar Eclipse on January 21 falls in your 8th House of Shared Resources and might bring you fulfilling news concerning an investment or other major financial matter.

In other news, there might be some type of shake-up connected to your domestic world in January thanks to Uranus turning direct in your 4th House of Home and Family on January 6. This might stimulate a sudden desire to move or to radically change your living conditions in some way. You may also hear jarring news from a family member or someone who lives with you. The apple cart is about to be upset, but if you can look at the bigger picture, you won't be as rattled as you may have been in the past concerning domestic upheaval. This time around it seems as if you understand the change coming your way just needs to happen and getting tightly wound up about it won't do much to help. Going with the flow can make the domestic changes not only palatable, but possibly even liberating.

However, the real "secret sauce" you have going into the New Year is all about your spiritual world. Jupiter is already moving through your 12th House of Privacy, but Venus will also move through this part of your chart starting on January 7 and continuing through February 3. You're genuinely at your happiest in January when you spend time alone in order to reflect and recharge your spiritual batteries. You might also be receiving help from someone in an anonymous way, or you might be the one who is helping another person in need. Doing this will truly be from a place of kindness and unconditional love, and it supports your desire to truly make a difference.

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