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Gemini Forecast: January 2019

Deep changes

If there's any sign with a New Year's resolution that rests on complete personal transformation, it's you, Gemini. A powerful Solar Eclipse on January 5 in your 8th House of Regeneration demands a fresh start on keeping it real, requiring you to build a firm foundation on what is truly important. The deep and meaningful parts of your core relationship with others -- genuine intimacy -- are available to you now thanks to this eclipse opening up a portal of energy. That portal whispers, "Be not afraid of the darkness, for that is where you'll see the light."

This might sound extreme to you, but you'll get it soon enough. A core part of you is ready to shift, because you're no longer willing to settle for anything shallow when it comes to your connection with a spouse or partner. But it's not really about them and you know it. It's all about you and your deep desire to make this relationship the most solid thing in your world.

Fortunately, you've got the support of the two benefic planets helping to make your relationship with someone special as good as it can possibly get. Venus enters your partnership sector on January 7 and remains here through February 3. She'll embrace Jupiter, also in your part of your chart, on January 22, bringing major luck and blessings to you in relationship matters. You might receive a literal windfall or lucky break because of your partner, or it could be about the relationship itself. Either way, you'll be smiling.

Financial stability will also be important to you this month, so it's possible that you'll be ready to start the year off with a conversation about long-term security with your accountant or financial advisor. It'll be well worth it, because what you begin now is guaranteed to grow over time into something you can sink your teeth into.

You might also desire a major change in your social life this month. An unexpected turn of events between you and a pal near January 6 might leave you spiraling in an entirely new direction when it comes to the company you keep. You need a circle you can growth with and enjoy innovative experiences from. Fortunately, the universe is bringing you an entire new cast of characters this month when it comes to your friends. You're ready!

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