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Leo Horoscope: January 2019

Boundless opportunities

More than any other sign, you're probably the one who plans on launching a major New Year's resolution that has to do with getting in better shape or otherwise improving your health. But this year, it's going to be different. That's because you have the planets supporting your effort, nudging you to make changes that will have long-lasting benefits. All of this is possible thanks to a brilliant Solar Eclipse that will fall in your health sector. This eclipse is attached to Saturn, the planet of discipline and structure. There is no better lineup available to you that ensures you will finish what you start and that this is not just a fad or passing thought. You're committed to improving your health, and you have all the will power and determination you need behind you.

You'll be more structured than you ever have been when it comes to diet and exercise, so don't be surprised if you go on a plan that seems impossible for others to follow. Don't worry about the crowd, Leo -- focus on your own wellness goals right now. They are achievable!

If you're looking for a new job as 2019 begins, you're also in luck. This eclipse will have the same effect on your work life as it will on your health. New beginnings everywhere, and again, the theme is that whatever you start now will stand the test of time. Put out your resumes after January 5 and watch the interviews and job offers start flying in!

In other news, your love life is brimming with potential in January. From January 7 - February 3, Venus will tour your romance sector, making it easy for you to enjoy dating adventures with someone special. If single, you're likely to meet someone who strikes you as inspirational and truly worth getting to know. If attached, you'll have plenty of fun with your sweetie over the next few weeks. Either way, your love life can totally reach new heights. January 22 will be your luckiest day in love as Venus and Jupiter embrace in your true love sector. Enjoy the goodies!

A Lunar Eclipse in your sign on January 21 signals complete personal illumination. You know exactly what it takes to fulfill you personally, emotionally, and vitally as a person. More importantly, you won't allow anything -- or anyone -- to dull your sparkle.

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