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Taurus Horoscope: January 2019

Solid beliefs

The conviction you'll have to stand tall in your truth is nothing less than extraordinary as the New Year begins. A friendly Solar Eclipse that is linked to Saturn will land in your 9th House of Truth-Seeking. Since this eclipse falls in fellow Earth sign Capricorn, you'll have a supportive fresh start in your life when it comes to that search for the deeper meaning of it all. You might have an opportunity to become a professor or guru of sorts, sharing what you know in a way that truly fuels you. Another possibility is that you will decide to go back to school in order to enhance your resume or life vault of knowledge. Studying for an advanced degree at this time will be easier than usual, because you'll have all the discipline and commitment required to show up and do the work.

If you have any type of international business going on, then it's possible you'll enjoy a brand-new opportunity from someone you work with overseas. If so, it'll be something that strengthens your authority and reputation in your industry.

Aside from this, the powerful eclipse in your 9th house will have you starting 2019 in a mentally solid place. You know your truth and you don't need to prove it to anyone. All you have to do is live it, and so it will be.

Uranus turns direct on January 6 in your 12th House of Vulnerability, and from this point until March 6, 2019, you're finally ready to blow your way through any of those anxieties about flying your personal freak flag. In fact, the urgency to "get over yourself" will only become more intense over the next few months, preparing you for when Uranus goes into your sign from March 6, 2019 - April 2026. It's time to become who you were meant to be, and this month you start ripping away whatever is in your underbelly of fear that is blocking this inevitable metamorphosis.

Your ruling planet Venus switches gears from January 7 - February 3 as she tours your 8th House of Shared Resources. Your money looks good, Taurus. In fact, it looks very good. A major financial gift is possible near January 22 when Venus and Jupiter align perfectly in this part of your chart. It can be anything from a windfall to a generous royalty to a bonus to a commission check to you receiving an inheritance or settlement that was owed. If you're applying for a mortgage, loan, or line of credit, you'll have no trouble now. The stars are on your side!

In fact, some of you might be gearing up to purchase a home. The Lunar Eclipse on January 21 illuminates your 4th House of Home & Family, making your heart fill with joy about a family or real estate matter. Dream house, dream family, dream finances … and it's all resting on the solid foundation of your unshakable beliefs.

Wake up, Taurus! You're living the dream.

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