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Virgo Love Horoscope for January 2019

It's serious

You're not interested in shallow affairs, one-night stands, or romantic partners who have no substance. No, you'd rather be alone than settle for anything less than what you know you deserve. While some of you might even start the New Year flying solo by choice, others of you are secretly yearning for a relationship you can really sink your teeth into. Either way, you do want someone who can be "your person," someone you know you can rely on through thick and thin. Fortunately, the universe truly does want to grant you your wish. For those of you who are closed off? The universe has a message for you as well: Stop hiding from love, because you're blocking it.

This is all about Saturn, of course. The great taskmaster of the zodiac is weighing heavily in your true love sector and will connect with the Sun on January 2, lighting up these themes for you. Making an even greater impact is the fact that on January 5 a Solar Eclipse lands in this same area of your chart. Saturn and the eclipse mashed together really does suggest that something serious is brewing in your love life. There is opportunity and it's karmic, but it also scares the daylights out of you. So, what are you going to do about it? Are you really going to run from love?

A major plot twist could be coming in your love life! Reveal what's headed your way for FREE »A MAJOR plot twist could be coming in your love life! Reveal what's headed your way »