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July 2013 Horoscope

New Experiences

July begins on an edgy note as lovely Venus, recently arrived in Leo, slams into a tense square with restrictive Saturn on July 1. This can cool a relationship and inhibit self-confidence. However, it can also be a wake-up call about money, love and creativity, which will require more focus and concentration to function effectively. The Sun's opposition to provocative Pluto on the same day can spur power struggles to add another layer of complication. Since both Saturn and Pluto are repressive planets it's likely that most people will try to hide negative feelings or going into denial about what's missing in their lives.

But tranquility is unlikely to rule when the Sun squares explosive Uranus on July 3. This hair-trigger aspect tends to force the action, whether it's a matter of choice or in response to surprises in the environment. Being experimental and open to change reduces the potential for destructive shocks and increases the chances for making exciting breakthroughs.

The Cancer New Moon on July 8 spurs memories with its conjunction to Mercury in this sentimental sign. Yet Pluto's opposition and Uranus' square remind us that we are in times of radical transition. It is healthier to be an agent for change than a barrier to it. Still, the caring and protective side of Cancer can serve to provide a healthy starting point for a powerful new experience. Resistance is more than futile ... it's destructive because holding onto the past creates more stress in the present and diminishes options for the future.

Muscular Mars motors into Cancer on July 13, adding a gentle touch to our efforts. It joins expansive Jupiter on July 22 as part of an amazing Grand Trine in Water signs that starts on July 17. This is one of the most promising astrological patterns in a long time because it favorably blends serious Saturn in Scorpio and spiritual Neptune in Pisces with Jupiter and Mars in Cancer. Take time out from routine tasks to let imagination and idealism flow during this period. While immediate changes may not be obvious, this rare pattern had the potential to define new dreams and make them come true.

Focus is a key for this magic to happen. Mercury turns direct on July 20, giving more traction to our ideas and conversations. The Sun strides into bold Leo on July 22, followed by the Full Moon later that day. The quirky Aquarius Moon's opposition to the Leo Sun is normally a festive time when play is more important than productivity. But strict Saturn's close right angle squares to both lights reminds us that this is not a time of frivolity. It may be playful and creative, but it's serious play with a specific purpose and plan.

Lovely Venus' move into pragmatic Virgo earlier in the day is another reason why the time is ripe for making things real. Romanticism may suffer with this transit but the finesse and attention to detail brought to relationships can satisfy critical hearts. Having sociable Venus in careful Virgo while the Sun is in dramatic Leo will create an interesting four-week dance between debauchery and discretion.

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