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July 2013 Career Horoscope

Stay Flexible

Combining the personal and the professional is a primary theme this month. July opens with the Sun in caring Cancer where the emotional connections we make with others play a significant role in our work lives. Showing concern for people solidifies relationships with colleagues and customers, as well as potential employers. The trick, though, is neither to come across as needy or as smothering. Humanizing working situations doesn't demand deep personal conversations or counseling sessions on the job, but simply requires recognition that feelings motivate and restrain us. Taking this into account overcomes the icy gaps of professionalism and profit seeking that can drain the life out of one's career.

The New Moon in Cancer on July 8 presents opportunities to tune into individual needs but can also mark a disruptive period when surprises undermine a sense of security. The tense connections of revolutionary Uranus and passionate Pluto to this Sun-Moon opposition may provoke powerful emotions that might drive us to reconsider how and what we do for a living. If crises arise, it's healthier to be flexible enough to consider alternative paths than to try to suppress change. Letting go of ideas and aspirations that lack meaning may be scary but should lead to a fresh vision of where and how you can best serve.

On July 22 the Sun strides into noble Leo where personalities grow stronger. This might trigger envy but is really meant to inspire creativity and the courage to act with confidence, even if we're feeling a bit uncertain about ourselves.

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