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July 2013 Love Horoscope

Push and Pull

There are two major forks in the road of love this month. Venus, the planet of romance, begins July in bold and brassy Leo where romance tends to take on epic proportions. Extravagant actions, gifts, and emotions characterize this planet's transit until July 22 when she enters discrete and discerning Virgo. Venus in Leo is demonstrative in her affections, encouraging us to open our hearts, minds, and wallets to bet heavily on love. Yet her overt expressions of confidence are tempered by the Sun's presence in tender, sensitive Cancer until July 22.

Passionate Mars, Venus' consort, also enters the self-protective sign of the Crab on July 13, underscoring this contrast between Leonine drama and Cancerian caution. It's understandable if we fluctuate between confidence and concern, bold expressions of desire, and retreats from intimacy under these complex conditions.

That verbal Mercury is retrograde in reserved Cancer until July 20 ... just another reason why waffling about relationships can be expected. The Sun's move into Leo on July 22 while Venus enters Virgo is a bit like two ships passing in the night. The former is a giant ocean liner of pride, ego, and performance that can fire up partnerships. Yet the latter tends toward criticism and careful analysis that counters the Leo Sun's inclination toward excess.

One person may be ready to do anything for love while the other calculates the material and emotional costs of connecting. Together, though, they represent a combination of romance and reason that allows hearts to open wide while keeping feet solidly on the ground.

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