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Aquarius Horoscope: July 2013

Room at the Top

In a life overflowing with fascinating ideas, you're not always able to find a viable one and stick to it, Aquarius -- but that's exactly what you can do this month. Crystallizing Saturn turns direct in your 10th House of Profession on July 8, which prompts you to clarify current issues and career objectives.

On July 17, enthusiastic Jupiter in your 6th House of Employment creates a Grand Water Trine with strategic Saturn and imaginative Neptune that helps you formalize a successful plan for advancing your interests. However, these ambitions may fail unless they're aligned with your highest ideals as Neptune occupies your 12th House of Spirituality.

The nurturing Cancer New Moon lands in your 6th house on July 8, indicating changes at the workplace since challenging aspects to this lunation from evolutionary Pluto and shocking Uranus are bound to shake up the status quo. Consider a radical shift in your professional trajectory. You have the drive to learn new skills when physical Mars enters tenacious Cancer on July 13 to put more passion into your daily activities.

The Winged Messenger makes a forward shift in your 6th House of Daily Routines on July 20, easing the communication that was stalled during Mercury's retrograde period beginning on June 26. Take a more rational approach to personal and professional partnerships when valuable Venus enters analytical Virgo and your 8th House of Deep Sharing on July 22. You may be dealing with picky people, or find yourself becoming more critical of others. The need to balance your desires in a relationship is underscored on July 22 by the Aquarius Full Moon's opposition to the dramatic Leo Sun in your 7th House of Partners.

Keep in Mind this Month

Innumerable little issues require your attention this month, but save the majority of your time for thinking about major long-term goals.

Key Dates for Aquarius


July 22: Mixed Messages

Caution is stressed when modest Venus minces into meticulous Virgo, but the Sun boldly strides into flamboyant Leo and your 7th House of Partners, encouraging you to take chances with others. Meanwhile, the nonconformist Aquarius Full Moon suggests that breaking into unfamiliar territory requires a greater degree of self-mastery. Serious Saturn's square to this lunation picks up Venus's current theme of being reasonable and responsible, which is what it takes to be assertive without losing credibility or self-control.

July 31: Mad Genius

If your life feels like a delicate balancing act between responding logically and following your impulses, your wilder side is likely to tilt the scales today. An explosive Mars-Uranus square can trigger instantaneous reactions that are less than reasonable. Blowing up at someone or steaming with silent anger is not the best way to apply this energetic firestorm. Inventing original ways to manage tasks, though, can produce brilliant results.

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