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Aries Love Horoscope: July 2013

Step Up to the Plate

The need to play, prance, and dance in the spotlight can make this an especially dramatic month for relationships. July rolls in with loving Venus in bold Leo and your 5th House of Romance, which should heat up your personal life. Getting attention is both necessary and easier with this transit. However, you could come across as overly confident, and even arrogant, if you hog the spotlight.

While you can appreciate the fun side of relationships, others may be overly sensitive to your displays of affection. Spending big bucks to impress people could turn heads in your direction yet if you overdress for the occasion, it might work against you.

The Sun is in Cancer and your 4th House of Roots where privacy and loyalty earn points. So showing your interest in someone or putting in more effort to please your partner tends to work best behind closed doors. The key is to maintain your credibility by not overpromising in the pursuit of love. Showing up for the less glamorous parts of a relationship by supporting others may not be sexy and exciting but can earn you trust that's essential to successful long-term alliances.

On July 22 both Venus and the Sun change signs, with the former entering pragmatic Virgo while the latter shifts into anything goes Leo. The challenge is to be generous in practical ways by proving to be a good co-worker or able assistant. Generosity of spirit includes being a support person when needed or a bold leader when the occasion calls for it.

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