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Cancer Horoscope: July 2013

Smooth Sailing

Positive feelings wash magically into your life this month as a persistent Grand Water Trine that first occurred in June continues to flow. However, tension that stems from conflicts between your personal or professional needs and the demands of others indicates a rough start to the month.

Mischievous Mercury is retrograde in your 1st House of Self until July 20, obstructing your progress with delays that arise from mixed messages or sloppy thinking. It may require extra concentration to overcome your fears of rejection or being misunderstood on July 8 when the supersensitive Cancer New Moon conjuncts retrograde Mercury.

Somber Saturn casts a dark cloud over your summer fun as it continues through your 5th House of Play. Still, you'll feel satisfied as long as you're focusing on your long-term goals, thanks to its fluid trine to dreamy Neptune in your 9th House of Future Vision. Practicing self-discipline became a priority on June 11 when Saturn previously trined Neptune, and this helpful aspect repeats on July 19, allowing you to perfect your strategy.

Meanwhile, on July 17, expansive Jupiter -- now in your sign for a one-year visit -- extends your vision even farther as it forms a self-sufficient Grand Trine with Saturn and Neptune. Opportunities abound, and your quiet confidence spurs you to move ahead with your plans. Additionally, energetic Mars shifts into your 1st house on July 13, giving you more courage to initiate decisive action.

Mars trines Saturn and Neptune on July 20 and conjuncts Jupiter on July 22 to strengthen your resolve, increase your enthusiasm and raise the chances for your success. The intelligent Aquarius Full Moon, also on July 22, fosters emotional detachment so you aren't swept away by delusions of grandeur.

Keep in Mind this Month

Patience is a virtue as long as you don't wait forever. Eventually you must set your plans into motion, even if you struggle to overcome your own resistance.

Key Dates for Cancer

July 1-4: Catch and Release

You are hooked by your own desires on July 1 as attractive Venus forms tough alignments with restrictive Saturn and addictive Neptune. Although your self-esteem can suffer if you don't get what you want right away, an un-relenting Sun-Pluto opposition forces you to fight for what you think is yours. Win or lose, a shocking Sun-Uranus square on July 4 opens your eyes, radically alters your perspective, and turns your head in a different direction.


July 7-8: Free to Be You

You aren't restrained by your usual habitual concerns when adorable Venus aligns with radical Uranus on July 7. Your eccentric tastes may seem endearing to others, allowing you to say what you want, even if it's more than you intended to share. On July 8, the overly cautious Cancer New Moon joins communicator Mercury, retrograde in your 1st House of Personality, prompting you to withdraw into the security of your emotional shell. Instead of worrying about what others think, use this time for constructive self-reflection.

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