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Capricorn Horoscope: July 2013

Great Expectations

Your month gets off to a rough start, but things improve considerably as the days go by. Your ruling planet, Saturn, turns direct on July 8, freeing you from obligations that have recently prevented you from reaching your goals. The dreams you dreamed when strategic Saturn in your 11th House of Friends and Wishes trined prophetic Neptune on October 10, 2012, came back into focus on June 11.

Now the third and final Saturn-Neptune trine on July 19 enables you to grab hold of an elusive pursuit and make it real. Luckily, limitless Jupiter and physical Mars both form synergetic trines with Saturn on July 17 and Neptune on July 20, boosting your confidence and enthusiasm. This emotionally expansive Grand Water Trine -- activating your 7th House of Companions -- is a good omen for personal relationships and business partnerships. Keep your mind and heart open and prepare to take advantage of what others may offer.

Nevertheless, your ambitions might conflict with the plans of someone close to you, and success will probably take longer than you prefer. The cautious Cancer New Moon on July 8 highlights your interactive 7th house, yet you could withhold sharing your feelings if you think they will impede your progress. But undelivered messages, misplaced emails, and misunderstood conversations can create unnecessary delays while trickster Mercury retrogrades in your 7th house until July 20 ... at that point its direct turn slowly releases you from these communication complications.

The intelligent Aquarius Full Moon on July 22 brightens your 2nd House of Finances. Its uncomfortable quincunx with valuable Venus raises questions about money management and urges you to tighten the reins on unnecessary spending.

Keep in Mind this Month

Don't get sidetracked by petty disagreements or anything that distracts you from manifesting your dreams. Your long-term happiness depends on your unwavering commitment to your future.

Key Dates for Capricorn

July 1-4: Living on the Edge

You're highly sensitive to rejection on July 1, when vulnerable Venus in your 8th House of Intimacy and Transformation squares aloof Saturn. You can gain a new perspective by softening your resistance to sharing resources as Venus anxiously aspects ethereal Neptune. Still, relationships are strained as foreboding Pluto opposes the Sun in your 7th House of Partnerships. Unexpected upsets or sudden twists of fate may derail your plans when the Sun squares capricious Uranus on July 4. Your best strategy is to cultivate flexibility and shake off the need to be in control.


July 17-20: Now or Never

Success seems within reach as confident Jupiter forms a Grand Water Trine with industrious Saturn and inspirational Neptune on July 17-19. Your breadth of vision, combined with the keen awareness of realistic limitations, creates an easy equilibrium between the spiritual and material realms. Jupiter's presence in your 7th House of Others enables you to integrate someone else's idealism into your strategy for achieving your goals. You won't likely take no for an answer as headstrong Mars, also in your 7th house, enters the picture to trine Neptune and Saturn on July 20. Progress in partnerships becomes apparent, especially when messenger Mercury's direct turn allows you to resolve differences with business or romantic partners.

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