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Capricorn Career Horoscope: July 2013

Lean On a Friend

Relationships are your key to professional success this month. Getting along with others is useful in virtually every line of work but could become a make or break issue in July. Planets are plowing through the primary partnership areas of your chart to emphasize cooperation in current alliances or in developing new ones. Yet if you ignore the feelings of others in pursuit of your own interests, the results may not be favorable.

The Cancer New Moon on July 8 can present some opportunities for making connections or going public with a project or a proposal. Even though this lunation should open some doors, the responses you get may be surprising. Provocative Pluto and radical Uranus are challenging this Sun-Moon conjunction, which can spur power plays, suspicion and produce erratic reactions. This could lead to a breech in an alliance, which might free you to do other things with other people. It's best to be flexible so that you're able to make intelligent adjustments rather than rushed reactions.

Assertive Mars enters your 7th House of Others on July 13, which might trigger conflict yet if you're sensitive and clever, you can turn an enemy into an ally. On July 22 the Sun enters brassy Leo and your 8th House of Deep Sharing, pulling egocentric, confident or creative people into your life. If you're skeptical about those who brag and make big promises, that's probably a good thing. But you can also be inspired by an imaginative individual and could find mutual benefit when you contribute your practicality and organizational skills.

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