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Gemini Horoscope: July 2013

Bet on Yourself

This is a great month for organizing your life, setting long-term goals and establishing successful plans to reach them. Professional aspirations come into focus with a Grand Water Trine between Jupiter in your 2nd House of Income, Saturn in your 6th House of Employment, and Neptune in your 10th House of Career on July 17-19. These outer planets in sensitive water signs align your inner needs and your external ambitions with an almost perfect balance of optimism (Jupiter), realism (Saturn), and imagination (Neptune).

Solidity and steadiness are also indicated by steadfast Saturn's direct turn on July 8, which puts work-related issues on a slow but productive path. Mercury's forward shift in your 2nd house on July 20 gives you a clearer understanding of your self-worth that helps you to maximize your resources.

You're eager for changes in money matters when the Cancer New Moon occurs in your 2nd House on July 8. However, unforgiving Pluto's opposition to this lunation from your 8th House of Deep Sharing could mean that you're hitting a financial wall. You may need to reorganize debt, reduce expenses, or renegotiate an economic partnership before you can cash in on this potentially lucrative transit.

Assertive Mars moves into your 2nd House of Finances on July 13, adding both motivation and muscle to your efforts at increasing your income. Mars joins opulent Jupiter on July 22 as the inventive Aquarius Full Moon lights up your 9th House of Big Ideas. You may be enthralled by an entrepreneurial spirit or develop a sudden thirst for additional education. While this is an appropriate time to consider grand schemes, value-setting Venus' entry into analytical Virgo reminds you to be thrifty and precise with your investments of time, money, and energy.

Keep in Mind this Month

Nurturing your natural talents and developing new ones are not only keys to material well-being, but can also become deep sources of satisfaction.

Key Dates for Gemini


July 17-20: Master Plan

On July 17, opportunistic Jupiter's favorable trine with hardworking Saturn brings you a strategic vision for major growth that you'll refine when this aspect returns on December 12 and May 24, 2014. But Jupiter's trine to Neptune on July 17 is a onetime transit that inspires professional dreams -- and may show you a more meaningful way to contribute to society. Speedy Mars provides motivation and efficiency with his trines to Neptune and Saturn on July 20. Reaching these imaginative heights requires real, on-the-ground action instead of pie-in-the-sky speculations. Making the most of your resources with Mars in your 2nd House of Self-Worth includes taking care of yourself as well as continuing to augment your skills.

July 22: Run a Tight Ship

You're filled with confidence as the wind whips through your sails with a super-dynamic Mars-Jupiter conjunction in your 2nd House of Personal Resources. The Sun's shift into dramatic Leo and your 3rd House of Communication emboldens your words and enhances your creativity while artistic Venus dances into your 4th House of Roots, either supporting your aspirations with competence or holding you back with unfinished business on the home front.

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