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Leo Horoscope: July 2013

Back In the Game

The deep inner work you began last month now leads you toward a renewed sense of purpose. Your focus is decidedly inward with messenger Mercury backpedaling in your 12th House of Spirituality, which is also occupied by philosophical Jupiter and the Sun. Putting truth into action and strategically bringing your dreams down to earth are supported by an emotionally enriching Grand Water Trine of Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune on July 17-19. These outer planets align in your most intimate houses, so you may not be able to articulate your insights very well at first.

But the vision that arises this month should take more concrete form when Jupiter and Saturn make favorable trines with each other again on December 12 and May 24, 2014. However, a break with the past could leave you restless or disoriented as shocking Uranus forms an explosive square with the supersensitive Cancer New Moon on July 8 in your 12th House of Destiny.

You may retreat in search of safety when warrior Mars becomes more spiritual and softens your approach upon entering nurturing Cancer and your 12th house on July 13, but this should only be a short period of respite. Mercury's forward turn on July 20 and the Sun's entry into your creative sign on July 22 signal your readiness to put ideas into action.

The solar presence in your 1st House of Personality raises your confidence and restores your sociability. Still, you may encounter obstacles when personal or professional partners are resistant to changes in relationships. Stodgy Saturn squares the futuristic Aquarius Full Moon on July 22 to brighten your 7th House of Others. Slow down and earn credibility before advancing your interests.

Keep in Mind this Month

Sketching a rough outline of a major goal gives you a strong base upon which to build your future -- but don't worry about filling in every little detail.

Key Dates for Leo

July 13: Luxury Tax

Going overboard with spending, consumption, or expectations of others is likely with indulgent Venus's irresponsible semisquare to extravagant Jupiter. The dramatic Leo Moon adds another log to the fires of excess, encouraging exaggeration and increasing your need for approval. Thankfully, stretching your social, artistic, and financial limits just a little bit can fill you up without emptying your bank account or demanding an exorbitant emotional price.


July 22: Carpe Diem

Planets are popping on this high-frequency day, which kicks off with an exuberant Mars-Jupiter conjunction in your 12th House of Fate. The motivation to take on fresh challenges is strong, but patience and preparation are required to reach new heights. Making a realistic self-assessment of your abilities, along with refining your skills and obtaining the right tools, increases your income when Venus enters pragmatic Virgo and your 2nd House of Money. The Sun's move into lively Leo is a morale booster, although snarky Saturn's square to the Aquarius Full Moon may reduce the support you get from others. The truth is that the only one holding you back is you; if you have passion and a strong sense of purpose, there's no mountain you can't climb.

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