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Leo Love Horoscope: July 2013

Cashing In

This could be a very good month for relationships if you can do a balancing act between playfulness and sensitivity. July opens with love's planet, Venus, in your sign ... which should put you in a more desirable light. You can really benefit from a sense of desirability by appreciating yourself more without appearing arrogant.

Venus will add magnetism until July 22 when the Sun enters your sign, continuing this relationship streak of good luck. The courage, confidence, and creativity spurred by the Sun in Leo warms you with optimism and continues to attract attention. While Venus attracts, the Sun acts, so taking the initiative with others is appropriate in this latter part of the month.

Now here's the other side of the story: For the first three weeks of July the Sun is slinking in your 12th House of Spirituality while Venus is Leo is warming your 1st House of Personality. Perhaps others find you appealing but you don't have the energy or authority to take advantage of this until July 22. Or, you can enjoy the attention but prefer connecting in quiet, out of the way places to being in the public eye.

This is almost reversed as of July 22 because while the power of the Sun is growing, romantic Venus shifts into careful and critical Virgo, which can make you pickier about people or overly aware of your own imperfections. July 22 is also the day of the Aquarius Full Moon in your 7th House of Partners, which opens doors, yet taking care of practical matters and making minor adjustments are keys to cashing in on these amorous opportunities.

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