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Libra Horoscope: July 2013

Window of Opportunity

Summer may be a time for fun in the Sun for many people, but there are too many professional opportunities for you this month to miss out on while relaxing on the beach. A subtle shift toward productivity starts when constructive Saturn turns forward in your 2nd House of Resources on July 7, reminding you to invest in the skills you need to increase your income.

On July 8, the New Moon in normally cautious Cancer falls in your 10th House of Career to initiate bold action. This lunation is opposite unrelenting Pluto and square to unruly Uranus, which can spawn a work-related crisis. Yet it could be a powerful launching pad for career transformation if you hope to make a major change. Warrior Mars stirs things up on July 13 when he enters Cancer and trines Neptune and Saturn on July 20.

Fortunately, your strong emotions and potentially impulsive behavior are tempered by a strategic Grand Water Trine on July 17-20. Expansive Jupiter, constrictive Saturn, and intuitive Neptune align favorably, providing a balance of vision, reason, and faith to help assess and advance your professional interests.

Business-related information flows more easily and suspended projects get back on track when communicative Mercury turns direct in your 10th House on July 20. The intelligent Aquarius Full Moon shines in your 5th House of Creativity on July 22. This innovative event encourages originality, yet its stressful square to cautious Saturn and clumsy quincunx with sweet Venus can inhibit you with shyness. It's a day of contrasts as Venus moves into prim Virgo while the Sun strides into boisterous Leo and your 11th House of Friends, increasing your visibility in your community.

Keep in Mind this Month

Pursue your long-term goals by focusing on the big picture. Don't waste your energy on the minor details of your daily life.

Key Dates for Libra

July 26: Dare to Believe

Your heart and soul are opening with an inspiring opposition of delightful Venus to magical Neptune. This aspect is often associated with fantasy, but you're unlikely to get lost in the mists of illusion today because Venus also forms a sensible sextile with stable Saturn, keeping your feet on the ground while your head's in the clouds. Don't be afraid to dream ... instead of looking toward a distant horizon with no idea how to reach it, you've got an inner map that can show you the way.


July 27-31: Claim your Power

Quiet confidence comes from within on July 28 as Venus in your 12th House of Privacy sextiles optimistic Jupiter. Low-key pleasures and relaxed relationships allow you to enjoy yourself. However, stressful aspects from Mars to Pluto on July 27 and Uranus on the 31st still add tension. Fortunately, you're able to take care of business calmly but productively on July 30 when Venus forms a creative trine with shrewd Pluto. You can uncover underappreciated resources and get the most out of your money. This favorable alignment of your socially sensitive planet with tiny but powerful Pluto can also make you highly persuasive without seeming the least bit pushy.

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