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Libra Career Horoscope: July 2013

Finishing Up Old Tasks

Motivating others can advance your professional interests this month. July starts with the sensitive Cancer Sun in your 10th House of Career where it is likely to keep you loaded with responsibilities until July 22. There are times when work demands may seem unfair, which is why your ability to gain the cooperation of others is essential. Using your people skills is definitely an asset as long as you don't become so involved with others' personal problems (or your own) that they get in the way of productivity.

If you're seeking employment, consider going back to places you've worked before. Whether you can find a job there or not, folks who are still around could provide you with useful leads. The Sun in the 10th house is often a time when we want to run the show by starting a business. Just be patient in taking on new projects because there are a couple of bumps in the road that could throw you off course.

The Cancer New Moon on July 8 plants seeds of fresh ideas to improve your current situation or, perhaps, move in a totally different direction. Yet tense connections to this event from provocative Pluto and rebellious Uranus could trigger crises that are exacerbated by mistrust or impatience. Bold thinking is appropriate, but cautious actions are required for lasting success. Encouragement from a friend or colleague is also useful as long as you don't allow this person to push you into going too far too fast. Finishing old business by July 20 helps clear the decks for advancing more rapidly later.

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