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Pisces Horoscope: July 2013

Harmonic Convergence

This is a very special month: A Grand Water Trine connects idealistic Neptune in Pisces, optimistic Jupiter in Cancer, and realistic Saturn in Scorpio on July 17-19. This harmonious alignment puts your highest hopes in a practical framework that shows you how to best fulfill them. An almost perfect balance between aspiration and application illuminates your vision of the future with a blueprint for building it.

Saturn's forward turn on July 8 starts to bring discipline into the picture, reinforcing your resolve and commitment to long-term change. Creativity is emphasized with the nurturing Cancer New Moon on July 8th occurring in your 5th House of Self-Expression. Yet the cautious nature of this protective sign is shattered by electrifying Uranus' square to this lunation, encouraging you to act independently, prompting impulsive behavior, and inspiring romantic risk taking. Passionate Mars' entry into your 5th house on July 13 adds more fuel to the fires of desire.

Your ability to express your feelings and your artistic ideas grows after chatty Mercury turns direct in your 5th House of Play on July 20. Messages are mixed, though, on July 22 when friendly Venus moves into analytical Virgo and your 7th House of Partners, cooling your romantic ardor, bringing greater clarity, and raising concerns about practical relationship matters.

On the other hand, the Sun's entry into loud Leo pumps up the volume in your 6th House of Employment, increasing your hunger for recognition at work. The emotionally detached Aquarius Full Moon on the same day squares sobering Saturn, suggesting you might need to calm down and act with greater self-restraint.

Keep in Mind this Month

Passion expressed with patience is an unbeatable combination. Know what you want and pursue it at your own pace.

Key Dates for Pisces

July 9: Personal Retrospective

Retrograde Mercury hooks up with the Sun in your dramatic 5th House of Fun and Games to provide an insightful second look at love, play, and children. Recent decisions made in these areas are up for review. You may not want to share your thoughts right now; it's more important to clarify your thinking than to explain yourself to others. Recognizing when you need to make modifications helps you know where to backtrack and try again.


July 20-22: A Force of Nature

You can be both tough and tender to advance your agenda on July 20, when macho Mars's friction-free trines with Neptune and Saturn put some muscle into your pursuit of your goals. A slow and cautious start can lead you to a big finish at the brilliant Aquarius Full Moon on July 22 when go-getter Mars joins jaunty Jupiter. This energizing and enterprising conjunction in your 5th House of Expression creates an excellent moment for selling an idea and being an inspiring leader of vision and strength. You can have a good time without damaging your productivity since your passion is fed by fun and maybe even a bit of romance.

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