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Pisces Career Horoscope: July 2013

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This could be a magical month in which you're able to come closer to making your professional dreams come true. And even if you can't launch your career rocket quite that far right now, there's a high potential for joy and creativity that brings you more pleasure and a sense of purpose in your present situation. In any case, keeping your feet solidly on the ground and taking care of current business provides the best foundation for taking your work life in a more rewarding direction.

The major astrological story of July is a very tight favorable alignment of four planets in signs compatible with yours. Expansive Jupiter in watery Cancer forms harmonious trines with reliable Saturn in Scorpio and imaginative Neptune in Pisces. This is an uncommon event that combines vision, faith, compassion and creativity with the will, skill and resources to turn them into reality.

From July 20-22 dynamic Mars joins the party to energize your efforts. A bit of emotional excitement is to be expected but don't waste that force falling into a defensive mode. This is your time to strategize and take the first steps on a major professional journey. Skilled allies can be very helpful, particularly as of July 22 when sociable Venus enters competent Virgo and your 7th House of Partners. If you're reaching out to someone, seeking customers, a job or going public with a project, make sure that you've nailed down every essential fact and detail. It's better to make a well-tailored and narrow proposal that you can fulfill than to allow enthusiasm to push beyond your present level of competence and preparation.

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