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Pisces Love Horoscope: July 2013

Talk of the Town

There are some excellent opportunities for putting more pleasure into your current partnership or getting closer to finding a new one this month. July opens with the expressive Sun in your 5th House of Romance. This means that you're likely to get more attention and seem more appealing to others.

You won't have to act flashy or trashy to be noticed because the Sun is in sensitive Cancer where a brief moment of eye contact or brush of your hand could make a major impression on someone. It's a reminder that sometimes less is more when you want to send romantic signals.

There is, though, a delicate period around the Cancer New Moon on July 9. This Sun-Moon conjunction in your amorous 5th house should trigger shifts in how you come across, how others see you, and where and how you seek pleasure. However, the transformational outer planets Uranus and Pluto connect with the New Moon to provoke powerful and unpredictable emotions. These could take you to extremes, including deep desire, revulsion, rebellion and risk taking. Your flexibility and willingness to explore different forms of expression can take this tumultuous time and turn it into a real opportunity for change.

On July 22 alluring Venus enters Virgo and your 7th House of Partners, which may attract analytical people. If you feel criticized, ask yourself if that information is given in a loving and useful way. There is constructive work to be done to iron out relationship issues, but it's most effective when combined with kindness.

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