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Sagittarius Love Horoscope: July 2013

Dream a Little Dream

The love planet, Venus, is in fiery Leo when the month begins, which should inspire your taste for adventure. Yet the boldness of this sign, its need for attention, and taste for drama could complicate relationships. The reason is that the Sun is in super sensitive Cancer and your 8th House of Intimacy until July 22. So while Venus is ready to play with enthusiasm and take romantic chances -- which suits you well -- there's a risk of going too far, playing too hard, or pushing someone where he or she doesn't want to go.

Sure, you don't want partnerships to bog down with seriousness that takes all the fun out of them. But recognizing when someone needs to be cuddled and protected rather than pushed and played with can be essential to harmony in an existing alliance or in making a new one. You, too, might be in need of some tender, loving care during this period. While feeling vulnerable isn't necessarily comfortable, it may be critical if you're looking for closeness.

There's also some magic in the air for you this month as your optimistic ruling planet, Jupiter, forms a harmonious alignment (a 120-degree trine) with inspirational Neptune. This aspect is exact on July 17 but can spread a wide swathe of faith and imagination for at least a week before and after this date.

But dreams aren't worth much without bringing them down to earth but, happily, solid Saturn's creative connections with Jupiter and Neptune make this a time when your romantic visions can become rooted in realistic -- and patient -- plans for making them come true.

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