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Taurus Horoscope: July 2013

The Eye of the Storm

This month starts on a rough note as loving Venus in your 4th House of Domestic Conditions squares austere Saturn on July 1, creating feelings of isolation at home or within your family. Change is desirable when Venus trines progressive Uranus on July 7, but pushing for immediate satisfaction only brings frustration because retrograde Mercury backs into the nostalgic Cancer New Moon on July 8, reminding you of what you must complete prior to moving on.

However, the stabilizing effects of an easy trine between hardworking Saturn and visionary Neptune that was exact on June 11 and recurs on July 19 act as ballast throughout the month to steady your progress. This is most notable on July 17 when giant Jupiter -- now in your 3rd House of Information -- completes an emotionally empowering Grand Water Trine with Saturn and Neptune.

The storms of change are swirling around you, but somehow you're safe in what you know and secure in your place in the world. You are eager to reinforce your relationships with active nurturing on July 20, when active Mars reenergizes the Grand Trine with Saturn and Neptune. Meanwhile, expressive Mercury ends its retrograde phase on the same day, freeing up the lines of communication and giving you the opportunity to say exactly what you feel.

Your desires turn practical when Venus enters earthy Virgo on July 22 -- then take flight as the futuristic Aquarius Full Moon brightens your professional 10th House Career. Temper your enthusiasm, though, or the Mars-Jupiter conjunction may carry you too far. On a personal note, stressful aspects on July 26-31 turn expressing your feelings into hard work, but the promise of intimacy and pleasure make it all worthwhile.

Keep in Mind this Month

You can be the master of your own fate by selectively choosing your battles. Creating healthy boundaries enables you to engage without becoming overwhelmed.

Key Dates for Taurus

July 1-4: Straight from the Heart

You wonder whether it's worth trying to smooth over a disagreement in a relationship when your key planet, Venus, creates difficult aspects with taskmaster Saturn and murky Neptune on July 1, producing feelings of insecurity. Additionally, the Sun in self-protective Cancer opposes domineering Pluto, intensifying a power struggle that you thought was already resolved. Although the Sun's unstable square with volatile Uranus on July 4 indicates a breakthrough or a breakdown in communication, the changes can be quite exciting if you are willing to take a risk and express yourself honestly.


July 17-20: Bridge over Troubled Waters

Meaningful relationships serve you well these days, acting like a solid foundation in a rather wobbly world. Persisting trines to dependable Saturn and inspirational Neptune from Jupiter on July 17 and from Mars on July 20 amplify the joy you feel when you're active within your community. Support from your friends adds emotional security, especially when trustworthy Saturn trines Neptune in your 11th House of Social Networking on July 19.

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