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Virgo Career Horoscope: July 2013

A Creative Force

Being a supportive teammate is important to your professional life this month. The life-giving Sun is in your 11th House of Groups until July 22, where giving and getting help from colleagues can make your job easier. If you feel like dealing with others' personal issues is a distraction from your tasks, think of it as relationship building that will be beneficial in the future. If you're looking for employment, check in with friends and old work mates who can help you make useful connections. Additionally, volunteer activities not only allow you to feel good about your contributions to humanity but may also produce professional benefits.

Yes, some people may seem completely unreasonable around the wild and crazy Cancer New Moon on July 8. Some changes in whom you work with and how you work will be beneficial as long as you're thoughtful, rather than impatient and emotionally reactive. Over-inflated individuals often rub you the wrong way, which is an issue you could encounter again this month. But there's something about being bolder in your creative thinking that can make you more effective in selling yourself and your ideas.

On July 22 alluring and valuable Venus enters your sign where you are better able to appreciate your own talents. Venus makes favorable alignments with constructive Saturn on July 26, optimistic Jupiter on July 28 and potent Pluto on July 30. This can solidify plans, strengthen alliances, boost your confidence and help you find the resources that you need to come closer to fulfilling your professional desires.

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