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Virgo Love Horoscope: July 2013

Social Butterfly

Your most rewarding personal experiences may come from being part of a group for the first three weeks of July. The life-giving Sun will be in your 11th House of Friends to inspire you when you're part of a team. Meeting someone through an organization is possible, whether it's a dating site or a professional or volunteering situation.

The love planet Venus, though, is in Leo and your 12th House of Privacy until July 22. This is wonderful for secret liaisons, having a good time on your own or spurring your romantic imagination. Yet it also means that you might lack a bit of visibility and confidence, which reminds you more of what you're missing than appreciating what you've got.

Yet this is a time to seed dreams of romantic bliss. The possibility of making them come true gets a significant boost when Venus enters your sign and your 1st House of Personality on July 22. Although the Sun is dipping into the shadows of your 12th house then, which sends a mixed message about your availability. But if you've been working on your creativity, you could find this to be a time when you're comfortable playing a role that reflects a more outgoing image.

Have fun in relationships -- if you can -- instead of being so serious about them. Physical and emotional perfection are not required to appeal to others, especially when you don't take yourself too seriously. You might even find that work (or productivity of the non-professional kind) and play can blend well together.

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