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July 2014 Career Horoscope

Pick up the pace

If the first half of the year hasn't been quite up to your expectations, expect the pace of change to accelerate this month. Energetic Mars has been picking up speed since turning forward on May 19, and now it is finally starting to show the punch, power and initiative associated with the warrior planet.

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While accommodation is important during most of July, with Mars' presence in diplomatic Libra, Mars dives into potent Scorpio on July 25, providing more power, passion and intensity to pursue professional goals.

Communicative Mercury Direct on July 1 is another indicator that projects put on hold may begin to gain traction. A bolder vision of the future and finding the enthusiasm to make it real comes with optimistic Jupiter's entry into creative Leo on July 16, beginning a yearlong journey when creativity and taking risks are likely to be rewarded.

The courage to follow our convictions is amplified when the life-giving Sun enters its fiery home sign Leo on July 22, joining outgoing Jupiter there two days later. Feet anchored solidly on the ground will provide a stable foundation for pushing the limits at work as solid Saturn begins forward motion on July 20.

Sure, we may be a bit more cautious while the Sun is in protective Cancer until July 22, and during Mercury's return to this security-conscious sign on July 13. Yet the purpose of restraint then is only to gather ideas, strengthen connections, and establish the inner sense of well-being needed to feel safe before taking a giant step forward.

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