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Aquarius Career Horoscope for July 2014

Keep your cool

July begins with the Sun in cautious Cancer and your 6th House of Work, indicating the need to operate carefully for the first three weeks of the month. It's better to work your way around problems than to force issues in this sensitive environment. Power struggles and surprises are likely from July 4-8, making this a particularly important time to maintain a cool attitude.

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In fact, there's a powerful Full Moon landing in your 6th House of Work on July 12 that can propel you forward with exciting new tasks or even a totally different career. This lunation occurs with the Moon in orderly Capricorn, yet assertive Mars in fair-minded Libra forms tense squares to this event. What may start out as a simple discussion could escalate into a serious confrontation. But if you maintain the high level of objectivity and cooperativeness for which Aquarius is known, this could indicate the beginning of a favorable working alliance.

Aiming higher in your career makes sense in the second half of the month, starting with lucky Jupiter's entry into Leo and your 7th House of Others on July 16. The Sun makes the same shift on July 22, and joins optimistic Jupiter on July 24. Attracting enthusiastic allies, making public breakthroughs and presenting creative ideas with passion are all desirable possibilities.

Active Mars enters Scorpio and your 10th House of Career on July 25 to intensify your workload or, hopefully, to focus your efforts with greater efficiency.

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