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Aquarius Love Horoscope for July 2014

The force is with you

When it comes to love and relationships, you may feel as if you've won the cosmic jackpot this month. In many ways, you have. First, after July 1, Mercury will turn direct in your true love sector, helping you clear away the cobwebs surrounding your thoughts in a romantic matter. There are several scenarios...

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You might have recently reconnected with an ex and have been considering giving this person a second chance. If so, now you'll begin to feel more confident about your thought process and can trust yourself to make the right decision. Another possibility is that you're dating someone and there have been a few messy conversations where one of you feels misunderstood. You will now have the opportunity to set things straight.

Whatever your specific situation, know that clarity in matters of the heart will arrive in July. The real headline news, however, takes place on July 16, when lucky Jupiter enters your relationship sector. Jupiter will remain here until August 2015, and during this cycle you can anticipate a magnificent boost to any current relationship you're in.

If things are good, they will get very, very good. If, however, you and your partner are having a rough patch, Jupiter might blow this out of proportion so you both have no choice but to take notice and do something about it. If that's the case, this will be an ideal time to go into couple's counseling. If you both have faith in your relationship, you can work things out.

Look to the stellar New Moon on July 26 to either begin a commitment with someone or to strengthen an existing one. The force is with you.

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