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Aries Career Horoscope for July 2014

Inspiration strikes

July starts sleepily, with communicative Mercury very slowing beginning to move forward on July 1. This represents a shift that helps projects and connections that have been stuck to finally get into gear. Yet you still may have to deal with indecisive individuals while your normally assertive planet Mars continues its 8-month stay in accommodating Libra until July 25. If you do need to renegotiate the terms of an agreement or want to back out of a commitment, it's better to do it sooner than later.

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When Mars dives into passionate Scorpio on July 25, situations grow stickier and altering the terms of a professional alignment will require more effort. July 12 is a Saturday, yet it can still mark a turning point regarding your profession. The Full Moon in responsible Capricorn lands in your 10th House of Career to clarify your situation. You could be feeling stressed, and you might recognize that you've either got to up your commitment in your current job or consider heading off in a different direction.

Fortunately, you won't lack inspiration in the second half of the month. There's a one-two punch on July 16 and July 22, when optimistic Jupiter and the expressive Sun enter bold Leo and your 5th House of Self-Expression. Confidence should rise, especially when the Sun joins Jupiter on July 24. This is an opportunity to bring more joy to your job and find opportunities to impress people. As long as you don't make promises you can't keep, this can propel you toward more visibility as a result of your creativity and obvious enthusiasm.

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