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Cancer Love Horoscope for July 2014

Keeping it real

Your love life certainly won't be boring this month. On July 12, a Full Moon in your partnership sector will ensure that you and your mate are keeping it real. If there's anything you need to clear up about your level of commitment, now is the time. Additionally, if there's any resentment about domestic or other partnership responsibilities or things are feeling one-sided, then this lunation will bring those issues to the forefront for resolution.

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On July 28, Venus will enter your sign, where she'll remain until August 12. This is a spectacular time for you to enjoy more confidence and magnetism. Whether or not you're looking, other people will notice you now. Go ahead, flirt a little!

July 22 might bring a conversation with your partner to a head, wherein one of you is caught trying to manipulate or control the other. You'll need to talk this out honestly so that neither one of you begins to have trust issues.

Then, on July 25, action planet Mars will enter the area of your chart that rules sex, love and pleasure. Mars will remain here until September 13. Because this is a once-in-every-two-year event, you won't want to waste what is now possible. Mars will motivate you to kick back and enjoy life more. Your sex drive will likely increase, as well, so you and your lover will definitely have more fun in bed (or on the kitchen counter, living room floor, your car ... you get the idea!)

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