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Capricorn Horoscope: July 2014

Crisis management

You might be more of an emotional mess than you'd like to admit near July 12, thanks to a Full Moon in your sign. When the Moon is full in your sign, your heart is on your sleeve -- like it or not. For you, this might be rather uncomfortable, as you much prefer feeling in control of everything in your environment. Make peace with your sensitive side so you can contemplate more about what you need to feel whole spiritually and emotionally. Let go of whatever is getting in the way of you achieving this sense of peace.

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After July 16 and until August 2015, you'll likely feel more confident about exploring the deeper, darker mysteries of life. An interest in psychology, crisis management or the paranormal might even start to devour you. If this happens, honor it. Your psychic sensibilities will be extra sharp, and you'll have the capacity to help heal yourself and others from painful situations that may haunt your past.

On another note, you'll also notice a fantastic boost in your ability to benefit from other people's resources. You might receive an inheritance, bonus, extra-large royalty payment or major payout from an investment. If married, your spouse may receive a significant salary bump, much to your delight. Make a new investment after July 26, and watch your bank account grow!

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