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Capricorn Career Horoscope for July 2014

Read between the lines

Personal relations appear to be a key issue in your job this month. July starts with the Sun in sensitive Cancer and your 7th House of Others. This may pull some emotional, perhaps even insecure, people into your orbit. Your challenge is to be aware of the unspoken needs of those you're working with in order to gain their support, but do not get sucked into their problems in ways that hinder productivity.

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Reading between the lines to get a better handle on colleagues and customers will help you be more effective than following rules and procedures without recognizing individual differences. Patience with others is especially important while communicative Mercury slowly moves through your 6th House of Employment.

The messenger planet pops into Cancer and the top half of your chart on July 13, and that along with the Full Moon in your sign the day before on July 12 make this an important time. Breakthroughs and breakdowns are possible, so don't push things too hard unless you're itching for a major change. Assertive Mars' stressful squares to this Sun-Moon opposition increases the likelihood for conflict. Yet if you can express an opposing point of view in a gracious manner, opportunities for new alliances and deals can follow.

On July 20, your key planet Saturn ends its retrograde cycle, making it easier to crystallize plans in the coming months. The Sun enters brassy Leo and your 8th House of Deep Sharing on July 22, to bring even more heat to professional relationships. Enthusiastic people can pump you up, but make sure that your financial foundation and facts are solid before making a bold move.

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